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Number one item on our mandate? We want to have fun, just like the girls have been wanting to do since Cindy wrote that song!

We publish original articles (often citing published literature) every three days on various kink-related topics; from our own editor and from external contributors (including our regular contributor: Kelly B!). We will also be sharing sexy stories and tails, devastations, exciting-if-not-confusing-adventures, and innermost fantasies.

We hope this to be a space where people can share ideas and learnings on navigating kink communities, poly relationships, and group sex dynamics.

Also posted are some of our favourite (more or less relevant) quotes and poems from famous writers, researchers, and poets. From time to time, you might also find interviews with fascinating local kinksters, reviews of events/movies/books, and pics from fun photo shoots with local photographers.

Another main aim, along with collecting at least partial records of our own jaunts down kinky lanes, is to educate. We do this by putting our thoughts together in the form of words to be read by you. We want to explore. This is not to say we have the answers; we don’t. we too are learning as we go.

By “educate”, we are specifically interested in highlighting practical tips to help promote and preserve both physical and emotional wellbeing. Even the most basic of tips that “everyone knows”, because we guarantee (if people are at all like us), there are people who do not know what “everyone knows”. At least, not yet! ; )

The way we figure it: if you or I or another feel certain experiences intensely, frequently, or incomprehensibly, there must be others who have gone through the same.

Let us connect, converse, and try to better understand ourselves and each other. Let’s let our guards down (and raise our self-awareness up) so that we do not judge by reflex but rather after much kindness and consideration.

We are looking forward to putting forth quality material for those in the local and global kink communities to enjoy, relate and respond to, and possibly even learn or better from.

What else is there to say about k&c?

From an avid interest in how conformity impacts the environment, how, for example, the connection between peoples’ tendency to conform and the tragedy of the commons (having one more grazing cow on the land, as the neighbour has, even though the land will suffer) has led to our decline in resources and helped form our disposable world.

We have landed on conformity and kink as an area to sink our teeth into and digest. The topic of “kink” is a tad lighter than that of the world’s depletion of essential goods and is a keen interest of ours, something we thought we could really enjoy writing and sharing about.

It is a topic we hope to have a great deal of fun with, in particular by including hot and steamy sex tales in our postings wherever possible.

While “kink” play and lifestyles are generally more accepted than they once were, there are still a lot of unknowns and the word itself suggests these practices step outside of the “norm”.

And yet, perhaps ironically, even within the world of kink itself, where we might expect to find individuals with open minds, who think in unconventional ways, conformity is so often the norm.

This happens in smaller communities where people with one common interest, who might not normally associate, are shoved together onto the same “playing field”.

Inevitably, some will feel the need to engage in certain behaviours, avoid certain others (for example), lest a person be ostracized by members of their very own, very select communities. Something like a John Hughes high school film, only with rope and whips; cliques often have rules.

And, of course, the intension is often that all benefit when the rules centre around safety and consent. That does not always end up being the case, but the intensions are generally noble. Worthwhile.

Why write for K&C?

The words we use and the way we use them can say a lot about what is being said and also about the speaker, their thoughts and beliefs. But words don’t stop there.

Words give us a wealth of information about social norms. Beliefs about sexuality, for example.

In places where sexual activity is considered healthy, we might hear words like “prude” used to describe a person who is not interested in sexual exploration. On the other hand, if somewhere that views sexual acts as lewd, we might hear something like “get your mind out of the gutter” when someone has a sex-related thought to share.

The word “straight”; what does this say of those who do not identify as such? that we are “crooked”? Perhaps “kinky”? But, “kinky” implies something else entirely – something non-conforming.

The term “queer” has perhaps become acceptable as the “catch all” for my-sexual-orientation-is-found-outside-the-box-where-“bisexual”-seems-too-exclusive-and-“pansexual”-seems-too-cliché-these-days. Though none of this is ever entirely clear due to the inherent flux and person to person perception.

Write for us, express your thoughts, or tell of your sexual fantasies or explorations; a small sharing of your soul with our editor and readers.

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